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You are master of your non speak words,
You are slave of your spoken words !!!
Hello Public,
So you wanna find out about me.
Here I will provide you all the details about me
which I can think of and
which I can provide.

To start off,
let me tell you again
[ in case you have forgotten ]
my name is Praful.

Better known as

On 30th July, 1976 came to this planet at a place called Chandravadi (Near GIR Forest, Famous place of Asiatic Lion) in Gujarat/India.

I would say that I am a typical 'Gujarati' you can find.
like to enjoy the life the way it comes and so do I.



Talking of my family, Apart from my parents
I have one brother and one sister in my family.

Name of my dad is Ramjibhai Malaviya.
He is a farmer at my village chandravadi.
He is very down to earth person, very humble and always an inspiration for me.

He works really hard for us. Apart from full time job  at our farm.

Though son are used to jump into
dad's profession / business,
He never wanted me to be a farmer.
He always wanted me to do high studies and
do something different.
It was because of him that I took computer science. and I have proud that his decision has paid off for both of us.

That's a bit about my dad.

My mom's name is Sonaben Malaviya.
She is originally from Borvav(Gujarat).
[ Yeah, she is also pure Kathiawadi].
By the way, my mom is a housewife.
She is very caring, and hard working.
She takes very good care of us ( her children ), and  she has never differentiated between son and daughter.

I think that's one of the biggest plus point of her.

I also have 1 Brother and 1 sister.

Brother is younger than me, his name is Jayesh (22  years).
and one is youngest sister whose name is Vijya (19  years).

Jayesh has been settled in Diamond Business
and now he is in surat.
Jayesh is very caring and a full daring by nature.
We both fight with each other.
But though I fight with him,
I really love him and care for him.

Vijya is right now in
final year of her arts graduation. She is having  matched nature like to me and jayesh.
She is very careful and very honest.
Its very common to find in our family.

Infact I simply love my family. I cant do without them.
I am incomplete without them.